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Buy Black and upload your receipt. Over 6,000 Black business owners registered to participate from all over the world, and self-certified as being Black-owned.  Read our privacy statement.

For the month of August, we are buying Black using the following Blackprint, follow us on Instagram for tips on buying Black each weekday.

  • Mondays – Invest Black 
  • Tuesdays – Invoice Black
  • Wednesdays – Replace Black 
  • Thursdays – Thrive Black  
  • Fridays – Stream Black
  • Saturdays – Eat Black
  • Sundays – Give Black

We are proud to partner with YELP, who has made it easier to find Black businesses using their directory at or below.  If you are a Black entrepreneur with a listing on Yelp, we ask that you self-certify as a Black-owned business. 

Photography by Tevin Towns


Browse 6,000+ Black-owned Businesses In U.S. and Abroad


Register Your Black-owned Business We Will List You in 24 Hours

Self-identify and search for Black-owned business on Yelp


Donations support the #MyBlackReceipt and Black-Owned businesses are tax deductible and will be received by Black upStart’s charity, Capital Cause. This nonprofit is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and their Tax ID is: 27-1342153

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